Our Mission Statement

  • To promote education and ethics for the pest control industry

  • To foster research and diffusion of knowledge of the industry among its members

  • To cooperate with the National Pest Management Association and with governmental and educational authorities for the good of the community and industry

OPMA Code of Ethics

The membership shall observe the following Code of Ethics;

Relation of Member to Public: The member in his/her advertisements or other solicitations of business shall not use fraudulent or misleading wording or methods.

Relation of Member to Client: The member shall thoroughly analyze the needs of his/her clients and shall conscientiously recommend the appropriate control measures.

Professional Services: The Member upon accepting a contract or service agreement shall render skilled, intelligent and conscientious service.

Relation of Member to Competitor: The Member shall not publicly criticize the business or private affairs of a competitor.

Relation of Member to Association: The member shall be loyal to the principles of the Ohio Pest Management Association and be active in its advancement.