A unique cooperative effort between the Ohio Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association now makes it possible for you to enjoy the membership benefits and privileges of both organizations at a fraction of what it would normally cost. This new arrangement has a single purpose: to help you get the help and information you need more efficiently and less expensively!


Worker’s Compensation Group Rating

OPMA Members can save up to 53% on their worker’s compensation and help the association out as well.  For more information, please contact:

Cordell Walton, ARM 
Business Development Manager
[email protected]
Main: 614.827.0398 
Cell: 614.373.2656

BWC Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter

Speedway Gas Program Rewards

Members save money every time they fuel up!  View Details. For more information contact:

Holden Moll
[email protected]
Office: 760.918.5933
Cell: 442.291.9833

Collection Services

Having trouble collecting from customers?  For more information contact:

Bryan Campbell
IC System
[email protected]
Phone: 651-481-6317

Best Benefits Club

Discounts throughout Ohio and the United States.

Register today at using activation code OPMA.

NPMA Affiliate Groups and Organizations

NPMA is a powerhouse of valuable information, important news, expert guidance, unique benefits, and innovative ideas for the pest management industry. Our association is the best resource for you to Get Connected and help strengthen your business.

Money Saving Programs

NPMA offers numerous programs to help our members save money, maintain a competitive edge and focus on their business growth.

  • Employee Hiring and Development Tracking
  • Credit Card Processing Discounts
  • Payment Processing Discounts
  • UPS Freight Shipping Discounts
  • Human Resources Consulting Service
  • Background Screening Services
  • Fleet Management Discounts
  • Discounted Fleet Graphics
  • Prescription Discount Card
  • Virtual Physician Network
  • Discounted Small Package Shipping
  • Insurance Solutions
  • Collections Services
  • National Fit Testing Service

Business Growth Opportunities

Opportunities for members to network and learn the latest techniques in professional pest control to provide qualified and knowledgeable services to their customers.

  • Workforce Development
  • Find-a-Pro Locator
  • Pest Gazette

Tools and Resources

Tools, resources, and leadership opportunities available to NPMA members to enhance and support professional performance, career and personal achievements.

  • Bugstore
  • Business Operations
  • Government Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Pest Pictures
  • Download the NPMA Logo
  • Download the NPMA mobile app
  • Small Business Toolbox

Professional Development

Programs and assistance to support professional and career performance and development for our members and their employees.

  • ACE Certification
  • Career Connection
  • Mentor Match
  • Executive Leadership Program
  • NPMA on Demand
  • Online Learning Center
  • Testing and Certification

Technical Assistance

Links to provide technical assistance on pest control issues, concerns, or matters.

  • Information Central Hotline (800-678-6722)
  • OSHA Toolbox
  • NPMA Mobile Field Guide PRO
  • Pest Identification Form
  • Model Contracts
  • Online Forms

The Bottom Line: Increased Profits

When you join OPMA and NPMA, you gain additional resources for your company’s operations…resources you might not otherwise be able to afford or justify…resources you can use to increase sales and customer satisfaction, and reduce expenses and problems.

Join Today!

There has never been a better time to make the commitment. Decide today to benefit from the combined resources and membership benefits now available from OPMA and NPMA.