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Any pest control organization actively engaged in the performance of pest control service to the general public in the State of Ohio and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

* Membership fees for Active Members are based on the company's sales volume for the last fiscal year. 

Branch: $80

Additional locations of active members may receive listing on the Website, official publications of the association and use the association logo.

Additional Active: $80

Active member firms may appoint additional active members to the association that have the same privileges as an Active Member, providing they are employees of the member firm. Their membership ceases upon termination of the membership of the active member firm.

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Allied: $520

Suppliers and distributors of pest control products who are in sympathy with the purposes of the Association.

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Associate: $260

Organizations or individuals in sympathy with the purposes of the Association, qualified by reason of experience or training in biology, chemistry, sanitation or allied sciences related to the practice of pest control or involved in programs relating to the control or management of pests in research, education, Government, or “in house” pest control, may apply for Associate Membership.

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Applicants must provide proof of insurance and verification that the company has been in business at least one year.